Manage Employee Vaccination

Track Company-Wide Vaccination Rate

In order to control and mitigate COVID-19,  a large share of the population needs to be immune to the virus. One of the way to achieve this is through vaccination.  

Track company-wide vaccination, and Update Reopen Plans!

Update Vaccination Status

  • Employees updates health status 
  • They can report on COVID-19 or Flu vaccination
  • Report date of first or second or booster dose (Optional)
  • Upload documents related to vaccination (Optional)

Track Company-Wide Vaccination Rate

  • Track company-wide vaccination rate
  • Generate report by each office location
  • Track vaccination rate for remote employees

Update Reopen Plans

  • Set reopen and seating rules based on health status
  • Exempt vaccinated employees from daily symptom checks
  • Provide speed-pass to vaccinated employees to choose limited seats