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Tracking the Delta: How to Return to the Office Safely

Amidst the many challenges this pandemic has caused, one of the major adjustments may have been your decision to work remotely. Over a year later, you have made it!  You are ready to step out of your pajamas and step back into the office. But wait, we have yet to ride the waves of new coronavirus strains until we can put our guard down completely.

Say hello to Delta. In mathematics, the word “delta” means the variation of a variable or function. It sounds scary and unpredictable, especially with the present “mask” confusion that appears for those either fully vaccinated, somewhat, or not at all. As for masks: on or off; inside or out? It seems there is still a sense of precaution in the air, regardless of the original virus.

First identified in India, the delta variant is said to be easily transmissible and more lethal than before, especially for those nonvaccinated. Chief White House medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has stressed that delta will become the prominent variant of the coronavirus, although the danger is mostly for those not yet vaccinated.

With all these feelings of uncertainty, you may question, how can I stay safe upon returning to work or reopening my business? It is not particularly astonishing when it comes to deciding whether it is safe to return to the closed space of the office or not.

These days, there is an app for everything. Safeter offers an application in a simple and convenient way. For employers, it presents a solution to manage your employees’ return to work, stagger work cycles, which prevents overcrowding, and assess an employee’s ability to return to work.

With Safeter, we thrive to maintain safe work environments for both employers and employees who choose to reopen and/or return to the office across the globe.

Safety is the prime concern. We provide scheduling solutions for employees to come back to the office with no muss. The employer puts in the employee’s information, then the employee simply downloads the app. This includes contact tracing, testing, and symptom checks among other features.

Over time, progress has been legitimately made during pandemic life. Even Dr. Fauci has said he believes that question screening is more productive than temperature checks, “We have found at the (National Institutes of Health), that it is much much better to just question people when they come in and save the time, because the temperatures are notoriously inaccurate, many times.”

In using Safeter this way, you will gain the confidence quickly to keep moving forward. Whether or not you or your employees decide to wear a mask (unless required), or choose to get vaccinated or not, you can sit back knowing Safeter is there to cover the basics. It is a safe and organized way to envelop the situation.

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