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Things You Can Do after Covid-19 Vaccination, and When You Can Do Them

Ever since the Covid-19 vaccines rolled out, about 1.3 million people in the country receive their shot every day. If you’re among the lucky ones who already got their shot or are anticipating one in the near future, you’re probably wondering what’s next.

Should you skip wearing your mask? Can you travel freely? These are a few of the questions we’re about to put to rest by breaking down things you can do after Covid-19 vaccination, and from when. 

Things You Can Do After Covid-19 Vaccination

The Covid-19 vaccine brought a lot of hope to the world as it helped ease the immense fear that the Covid-19 virus instilled on the global community. As of now, it’s rolling out worldwide, and over 24 million people are fully vaccinated in the U.S. alone.

What’s next after the shot? Can you go back to life pre-Covid-19? We don’t have a short answer which is why we highlighted things you can do post-Covid-19 vaccination, and when you can do them. 

Things You Can Do Immediately after the Vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccine is not a ticket back to life pre-Covid-19. Even after the second shot, you cannot go back to doing things the old way because:

  1. Herd Immunity is yet to Be Attained

Immunity to the Covid-19 virus after the shot isn’t guaranteed. What’s more, the U.S. is yet to achieve herd immunity. This means the virus is still circulating, and the probability of being infected even after getting both shots is high because there’s always a chance the vaccine isn’t working for you. 

  1. The Impact of the Vaccine on the Spread of Covid-19 is Unknown 

Although we have the vaccine and it’s already in distribution, scientists cannot say for sure whether it prevents the vaccinated individual from getting it again, and spreading it to others. They cannot even tell whether it’s working on everyone because distribution is still in the preliminary stages. 

In that light, it’s important for vaccinated parties to continue observing safety measures while around the unvaccinated. 

Things You Can Do after Close Family and Friends are Vaccinated 

After most of your friends and family are vaccinated, there’s a lot more you can do, as long as you do it in immunity bubbles. That means hanging out only with vaccinated individuals. You can:

  • Go to the Grocery Store and run daily errands together 
  • Hangout in groups indoors 
  • Hangout outdoors in groups but wear your masks and observe social distancing while out there because you’ll encounter people who’re yet to be vaccinated

Things You Can Do after Herd Immunity

After herd immunity, it will be safer to:

  • Attend parties
  • Gather in large groups for public events
  • Do things you used to do pre-Covid-19

It’ll be safer to do almost anything you did before because the infection rates will be very minimal. 

Continue Observing Covid-19 Safety Measures 

Until herd immunity is achieved in the country and scientists prove that the vaccine is indeed effective and prevents the vaccinated party from spreading it to others, everyone is at risk. 

Continue observing social distancing and other Covid-19 measures even after you’re fully immunized. But note, things will be a lot much easier in the long run after vaccination since you can hang out in immunity bubbles. 

Also, once we attain herd immunity it’ll be safer to do pretty much anything. For now continue doing your part in curbing the spread by observing Covid-19 safety measures, and deploying safe reopening tools and strategies from Safeter. Book a demo today to see how it works. 

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