Workplace Management Made Easy

Most companies are planning to bring 10%-20% of staff back in the first wave

We help organizations stagger employees’ return to work and reduce overcrowding. Choose between Hoteling, Cohorts, and Priority users to optimize limited capacity. 

Easy desk reservation process. Know who’s in the office, where they are seated, and promote collaboration.

Optimize workplace using live dashboards and reports

Easy-to-use set it and forget it!

Hoteling/Individual Scheduling

  • Flexible hotel desking or hot-desking options
  • Employees can reserve desks, conference rooms, parking spots, and more
  • Simply assign the number of open spots by day and for each office location
  • Employees pick a desk or book a conference room, if available
  • Real-time data on capacity, status, and usage

Cohort/Group Scheduling

  • Assign your employees into groups (Group A, Group B, etc.)
  • Assign weekdays when a particular group can be at work, in-person
  • For example, Group A can come in on Mondays, Group B on Tuesdays/Thursdays, etc.
  • Employees can use hoteling/hot-desk on non-assigned days

Priority Users

  • Tag certain employees as priority users (E.g. Those with office, key staff members who have to be in the Office)
  • A spot is reserved for them, all the time
  • This is often useful for execs, facilities, IT, and a few administrative personnel
  • Priority users can skip the desk reservation process

Plan Your Schedule

  • Open up office spots for future reservations
  • Allow employees to plan their office schedule into the future
  • See which dates an employee has booked and allow them to manage their reservation (cancel, change dates, etc.)

Pick A Seat

  • Employees can pick an actual location in the office, not just a random desk in the entire office
  • Assign zones and restrict employees to certain zones 
  • Allow team members to sit together (e.g., engineers in one area, HR in another)
  • Use collaboration feature to let employees easily find their colleagues


  • Make informed decisions to keep your workplace safe and open, with easy to use reports and dashboards
  • Know who was at office, when, and who else was also at office on the same day
  • Quickly check if the open slots are over or under utilized
  • Minimize over booking by setting thresholds