Manage employee scheduling

Most companies are planning to bring 10%-20% of staff back in the first wave

We help companies stagger employees return to work and reduce overcrowding. Choose between individual scheduling, group scheduling, and priority users to optimize limited capacity. Even stagger when employees arrive at your front door.

Easy-to-use, set it and forget it!

Individual Scheduling

  • You set up a number of spots that are available in a given office
  • Employees individually book them
  • Once the number of spaces runs out for a given time slot then no more employees can book a spot
  • You can vary the number of open spots by day of the week and office location

Group Scheduling

  • Also often referred to as Cohorts
  • You can break your employees into groups (Group A, Group B, etc.)
  • Different groups come on different days
  • For example, Group A can come on Mondays, Group B can come on Tuesdays, etc.
  • If someone tests positive you can isolate and quarantine only that group

Priority Users

  • Select which employees have priority and always have a spot reserved for them
  • This is often useful for execs, facilities, IT, and some administrative personnel
  • Exempt employees with offices from booking limits as well

Plan Your Schedule

  • Open up office spots many weeks ahead of time
  • Allow employees to plan their office schedule into the future
  • See which dates an employee has booked and allow them to manage their calendar (cancel, change dates, etc.)
  • Coming Soon

Pick A Location

  • Employees can pick an actual location in the office, not just a random desk in the entire office
  • Allow like teams to sit together (e.g., engineers in one area, HR in another)
  • Allow employees to easily find colleagues
  • Coming Soon


  • Make informed decisions to keep your workplace safe and open, with easy to use reports and dashboards
  • Know who was at office, when, and who else was also at office on the same day
  • Better understand if the open slots are over or under utilized
  • Minimize over booking by setting thresholds