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Safety Tips for Holiday Travelling During the Pandemic

After a long year characterized by Covid-19 prevention measures like self-isolation and social distancing, the 2020 holiday season is officially here. After months of being in quarantine, most people have had enough of hanging within the confines of their home and looking to break the monotony through travel. If you’re among those ready to brave it and hit the trail, read on for tips on holiday traveling during the pandemic. 

Holiday Traveling During the Covid-19 Pandemic; Top Safety Tips

Sticking to your winter holiday travel plans despite a possible second wave of the Corona Virus pandemic? Here are safety tips to keep you safe;

Check Covid-19 Rates Where You Live and in Your Destination 

Before you start packing, ensure you check Covid-19 rates where you live first. That is essential because you live in a hotspot for Covid-19 transmissions, chances of being infected are pretty high, especially if you’re traveling by air.

 This puts not just you at risk, but also those you’ll interact with in your destination. Also knowing infection rates in your state is critical because some destinations require those arriving from Covid-19 epicenters quarantine for 14 days. 

While at it, review the infection rates at your destination. The last thing you want is to travel healthy, only to get infected in a destination where hospitals are handling too many Covid-19 patients that they can’t handle more. While at it, take an online health check to determine if you’re healthy. 

Take the Road

Driving is the safest form of transportation if you’re travelling through the pandemic. That is essentially because it limits your interactions with the rest of the world. You should hit the road if your travel plans; this winter involved a long-distance journey, characterized by multiple layovers. 

Observe Social Distancing and Covid-19 Safety Measures while Using Public Transport

If you must take a flight to your destination, then make sure you observe social distancing measures. Fly with a reputable airline, so you don’t have to worry about being in a crowded plane. Also, have your mask on the whole time, and ensure you properly sanitize.

Disinfect your seating area using antibacterial wipes, and when you use the plane bathroom, ensure you disinfect the door handle and other surfaces inside it. 

Sanitize before and after passing items to and from the flight’s crew as well as other passengers. These tips apply if you’ll be travelling a long distance journey using public transport such as a bus. 

Eat at the Airport

Since they are packed with people from different destinations, airports are hotspots for Covid-19 and taking your mask off only increases your exposure. The risk is even higher when you take your mask off mid-flight since you’re in a confined cabin, and you don’t know who is infected. In that light, you should take your meals at the airport. Arrive an hour or two earlier, buy your meal, look for a less crowded spot and enjoy it as you wait for takeoff. 

Consider Your Place of Stay 

Although most hotels are taking Covid-19 precautions, not all of them are keen to follow them. Also, even if you stay at a hotel, you may come into contact with people when you share an elevator, or hang out in the lobby. So if possible, it’s advisable you rent a place to stay with sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. 

Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Travelling this holiday season is a different kind of experience. The secret to staying safe is ensuring you do your part of observing Covid-19 prevention measures. Check out more safety tips during this Covid-19 period. 

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