Visitor Management During and Post Pandemic

Welcoming guests into your organization plays a key role in the continued success of any hospital, school, business, or enterprise. Guests need to visit organizations in-person to keep and create healthy partnerships and relationships for the benefit of both parties.

However, organizations don’t have to sacrifice health and safety in order to welcome visitors. A Visitor Management system from Safeter offers a safe and effective way to bring visitors in with an effective and efficient sign-in and badge system to ensure only safe and healthy individuals enter the premises.

What is Visitor Management

Visitor Management refers to the practice of recording the usage of facilities by specific visitors and providing documentation of visitor’s whereabouts. In times of COVID-19, Safeter’s Visitor Management system also allows organizations to use either a QR code or web application to have visitors fill in details, take a health check survey, enter their temperature information if an organization so chooses, and sign a consent form. Once visitors have proven they have no symptoms, they will be given a badge and permission to enter the premises.

The benefits of Visitor Management 

Workforces cannot create a productive and successful environment unless every employee feels safe and protected. Especially in times of COVID-19, employees will feel more comfortable knowing that every on-site visitor has been properly screened through a Visitor Management system. In case of accidental exposure, having a log of visitors can help with contract tracing to identify those exposed and contain the spread of the virus.

How a Visitor Management system can help you

A Visitor Management system plays a vital role in keeping a site safe, as opposed to using the old “sign-in here” method. Besides negating health concerns, a modern Visitor Management system can act as a deterrent to bad actors who might otherwise attempt to enter the premises without permission for malicious reasons. It also makes it easy to identify people who are not authorized to be on-site and remove them. Additionally, it lets you know who’s on-site to ensure all people are accounted for in case of an emergency.

In short, Visitor Management systems give you maximum control over the visitors accessing your facilities to ensure safety and security.