Tracing Visitors In A Changing Time

As COVID-19 continues, many businesses are making difficult decisions about whether to continue remote work or to return to the office. In weighing the pros and cons, many companies are concerned about ensuring safety if they are to return to in-person work.

Safeter has a complex line of products and tools to help ensure that employees can come back to the office safely. One of these is a visitor management system, which refers to a solution implemented to manage the arrival, presence, and departure of non-staff guests at a workplace premise.

Safeter’s products are beneficial for tracing employee and non-employee interactions. A streamlined visitor management solution has always been important for businesses. Now, as companies try to get back to work during a pandemic, it is vital to know who is coming through the doors, when they’re entering, and where they go.

As you are focusing on safely reopening your doors, it’s important to ensure that you have an excellent visitor management system in place.

Visitor management allows you to:

Enable contactless check-in
With a visitor management system, your guests can check-in hours or even days before they arrive. Instructions are provided for where they should go, and they can use an electronic device to alert the appropriate staff to their presence. This is crucial to containing the potential spread of germs. You know where your guests have been, who they interacted with, and when they were in the building.

Ask important tracing questions
With a good visitor management system in place, you can ask questions about any visitors’ exposure to COVID-19 as soon as they come through the doors. Using visitor management software, you can quickly and privately use a computer or other electronic device to find out if they have traveled, been exposed to COVID-19, or have symptoms.

Stagger employee office use
With strong visitor management systems, employees can schedule their time in the office, allowing them to interact with the minimum number of people. Should someone get sick or be experiencing symptoms, it is easy to know who was in the building based on your records, ultimately helping with contact tracing.

The more information you have about who is in your building, the better off your business will be in ensuring safety for everyone you interact with. Contact Safeter today to see how we can help your business come back to the office safer and stronger than ever.