Space Management in a Post-COVID Office Space

“Social distancing” is a term most of us weren’t familiar with before the pandemic. But now we hear it constantly as a way to decrease the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

However, distancing isn’t just for social occasions. Safely reopening office spaces will mean making sure that employees are working at a safe distance from each other. This might mean a reconfiguration of your office space.

Not every office will be able to implement the same solutions for keeping employees at a safe distance. But most should be able to make some changes to help maintain safety as employees come back to the office. These solutions can include:

  • Spacious work areas: Simply spreading out desks will help, as will designing one-way foot traffic, spacious areas for breaks, and breakout rooms for privacy.
  • Up-to-date HVAC systems: Offices will need to make sure their air filtration systems are up to date and working correctly to support employee safety.
  • Focus on corporate wellness: As we learn more about the pandemic and how it spreads, focusing on wellness in the office environment will take a more prominent place in how employees work. Encouraging masking and providing hand sanitizer will naturally be part of this. Employers will also be providing mental health resources, gyms, healthy food, and literature on maintaining wellness. Creating environments where employees can focus on their well-being will ultimately be of higher priority as we recover from the global health crisis.
  • Staggered schedules: Staggering the times that employees are in the office is a simple way to reduce overcrowding and help prevent transmission. Allowing employees to choose from a pre-selected block of times to be in the office, or having management schedule them in groups, can ensure more safety with fewer people in the building. Additionally, employees are likely to be spending fewer hours in the office, with the 8 to 5 model taking a backseat to work in shifts.
  • Health checks and tests: Periodic COVID-19 testing of employees will likely be regularly implemented for the foreseeable future. Additionally, asking employees to assess their health before coming into the office will be essential to reducing and eventually eliminating the spread of COVID-19 in offices.

Future of the space management

While many businesses have created remote work models, there will always be a need for office space. Additionally, transitioning to full remote work, for businesses that want to do that, will take time. Every recession includes less of a demand for office space, but in time, there may be an increase in office work once again.

As people progressively go back to work, things will certainly look different. Safeter’s package of products helps to create a smooth transition as you redesign your workspace for optimal space management. Our products include scheduling management, health assessments, testing, and other resources businesses will need in order to transition back to safe office work.