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General Pandemic Response Parameters
Have crisis management / disaster management team in place        
       Crisis management contact1        
       Crisis management contact2        
       Crisis management contact3        
Leadership team in place to address unexpected escalations that require action
(based on warning from CDC, WHO, County office, State, Central Govt)
Task force committee in place to address emergency evacuation of building, shutting down office, backup, knowledge transfer, etc.        
Communication plan in place to address emergencies with short notice. Identify who will send communication, approval process, etc.        
Perform test drills for evacuation, shutting down office, server backups, etc. to assess preparedness for future emergencies        
Employee Communication
Communicate and share material around hygiene (Do’s and Don’ts while sneezing or coughing or sharing common space, kitchen and printer room etiquette, posters with symptoms of COVID, awareness on virus transmission etc.        
Share key contacts details (email, phone, website link) for updates on pandemic and related questions        
Build mass communication channels (e.g., phone number, email, app) for communicating pandemic status and actions to employees, vendors, suppliers and customers        
Share information on how company is mitigating risk from vendors and external suppliers, actions taken and reinsure safety        
Share regular information on why company has to follow certain protocols to reduce spread of COVID.        
Educate and train employees how COVID can directly affect the on-site working, operations, reputation and company financial.        
Communicate on how company is facilitating safe and secure way to disclose if someone has COVID or about possible exposed to COVID.        
Clearly mention whom to contact or mechanism of sharing information on COVID        
Be sensitive and ensure any communication does not offend employees and is appropriate across regions.        
Share publicly available information on pandemic, how to get tested, locations etc.        
Update and share any company sponsored health programs and any changes to health benefits, including availability of special screening facilities that company might provide.        
Ensure company clearly states and explains any possible impact to compensation (if any) or ensure no-punitive action will be taken for those directly impacted by COVID        
Ensure employees with any symptoms or tested positive for COVID are not stigmatized        
Communicate and explain how employee’s data is secure and share privacy related communications often. Ensure employees feel comfortable to share health related information.        
Employee Staffing
Decide if you are going to reopen in stages (Staggered reopen)        
Decide if you need to adjust business hours or implement shifts        
Identify priority of teams for returning to work (E.g. Admins and Tech first, Followed by finance, marketing)        
Contact employees and supervisors for their input on reopening and any special needs        
Ensure you have a mechanism to allocate employees to different shifts or time slots, avoid overcrowding or double booking        
Social Distancing
Ensure you have ways to implement social distancing        
Move employee workstations at least 6 feet apart or provide enough separation to maintain 6 feet distance        
Assess if you need barriers or increase the cube height        
Eliminate shared workstations        
Have dedicated rooms and open areas with video conferencing capabilities        
Allow remote working when possible        
Avoid or limit non-critical business travel        
Visitors, Customers, Interviews
Limit visitors as much as possible and assess if video conferencing is an alternative        
Provide PPE for visitors or ensure they carry their own        
Inform visitors about company protocol before they arrive        
Ensure they take health check survey before they arrive on-site        
Health Screening
Work with company insurance provider and local health center if on-site health screen is an option        
Communicate employees about any on-site health screening facilities        
Communicate to employees about data privacy, if company plans for an on-site health screen center        
Health Symptom Check
Have a self-reported health screen survey administered to employees on regular basis        
Communicate to employees why symptom check survey is required (CDC, local government protocols)        
Communicate to employees how providing accurate and true information in survey is critical        
Communicate to employees about data privacy, if company plans for an online health symptom check