Hoteling: What Is It and How Can It Help Your Office?

As you work to safely reopen your business, you are probably looking at many options for making office spaces safer, and perhaps ways to earn extra money. A trend that began shortly before the pandemic is called “hoteling,” and it just might be your answer.

What is hoteling?
Hoteling takes its name from hotels. When you enter a hotel, you check-in, get a key, and enter a space that becomes yours until you check-out. It is cleaned and disinfected between occupants and provides the tools you need for relaxation. Office hoteling refers to a way of sharing desks that is sanitary and safe in a way that is similar to how you use a hotel. This is a particularly attractive solution during a pandemic.

The key part of hoteling during a pandemic is checking in with a concierge, which can be a person or, preferably, an electronic system. Rather than grabbing any available desk, workers are sent to an assigned or chosen area. This can track who has been in what workspace and serve as a means of contact tracing. It can also ensure that areas (where people work) are adequately sanitized before use.

What does the process entail for the worker?
The system of hoteling for offices is similar to booking a hotel room online.

  • A worker peruses the system for desk availability.
  • The worker then submits a reservation request.
  • The worker’s reservation is confirmed, and details are e-mailed with the time desired and desk to be used.

The worker checks in at their scheduled time and can then use the desk space.

Steps to establishing a hoteling seating at work

What does a business need to do to set up hoteling?

The process of selecting a desk must be smooth and informational.

  • Include an interactive floor plan. Just as people like to see what type of room or view they will have with a hotel room, employees want to see where their desk will be.
  • Have mobile accessibility. More people are using their smartphones to access all parts of the internet. Your business’ hoteling system should include an easy mobile option.
  • Clearly label desks. When a worker arrives, they should be able to easily find their desk without looking around. This is especially important in a pandemic, as companies need to minimize interaction and foot traffic.
  • Have support in place. If a worker needs assistance, they should have an easy way to access it. A user manual should be available, as should an individual that can assist with any problems the user might be having.
  • Ensure an excellent sanitization policy. All work areas should be thoroughly cleaned and given time to sit unoccupied to ensure safety.

Hoteling may be the new wave of the future when it comes to staggering work times for employees and the use of office space on an irregular basis. It also provides offices with a form of contact tracing and could even be a way for offices to rent out unoccupied space to independent workers for extra income.

Ask Safeter about ways we can help implement hoteling as part of your reopening plan!