Streamlining Front Desk Solutions in 2020

Front desk management has always been a complex task. As the first line of contact between the business and visitors, the front desk must be friendly, informative, and efficient while also ensuring visitor privacy.

In 2020, with a continuing pandemic, front desk operations are more important than ever. Given the effort to limit physical contact, many reopening businesses are opting for visitor management systems, which can improve front desk operations.

In a 2018 report by Proxy Click, some staggering statistics about front desks were revealed. 60% of people surveyed said that meetings had started late because of lines in lobbies. 85% were uncomfortable with the data they had to verbally give to the receptionist. And 62% admitted to looking at previous visitors in the paper logbook.

Benefits of visitor management.

Visitor management systems eliminate these concerns by allowing for:

  • Minimal waiting in line: With the ability to check-in early, lines are minimized or eliminated. This streamlines visitor experiences, keeps meetings on time, and allows for better physical distancing required to limit the spread of COVID-19.
  • Advance check-in: Visitors can check-in for their appointments before coming to the building, giving their personal information online instead of out loud for others to hear. Now, in the era of COVID-19, they can also answer questions about their potential exposure to the virus digitally rather than doing so verbally. If there are forms to fill out, visitors can do this online before coming to the office, rather than having to fill them out manually before their meeting or appointment.
  • Visitor tracking: Visitor management systems can keep better track of who exactly was in what parts of the building and whom they interacted with, allowing for easier contact tracing.
  • Enhancing security: In addition to tracking the potential spread of germs, a comprehensive visitor management system can use facial recognition technology and other ID verification tactics to ensure that you know exactly who has been in your building. This can be done in a minimally invasive way that still secures your workplace.
  • Tracking packages: Rather than needing to find a paper slip or flip through records, a visitor management system can identify the exact time that deliveries arrived or when packages were picked up. It can also ask important health questions of the person delivering them, and keep track of who takes the packages. This is a way to assist in contact tracing in the case of COVID-19, and to keep better track of your incoming and outgoing mail.

There are numerous reasons to use a visitor management system, both in the era of COVID-19 and as offices return to normal. Contact Safeter today to learn about our visitor management system and how we can help you get on track to a healthy return to the office!