COVID-19 Testing and Your Reopening Plans

Since COVID-19 hit, you’ve probably heard a lot about testing. Testing for COVID-19 is the most important tool we currently have to ensure we reduce the spread of the virus. But what does testing mean for you and your plans to reopen your business?

In order to safely bring your employees back to the office, you’ll need to have testing guidelines in place. Here are some testing details and information on how Safeter can help you implement it for your business.

The facts about COVID-19 testing
There are two types of COVID-19 tests: Diagnostic tests and antibody tests. Diagnostic testing can indicate if a person has an active coronavirus in their body and if they should quarantine or, if they have a high risk for complications, go to the hospital. This test is done with a long nasal swab used in both nostrils. Antibody tests can check to see if certain antibodies are present in the body that help fight the virus.

Results from diagnostic tests are currently more reliable, as it takes many days or weeks for antibodies to build-up. For more information, see the FDA’s website.

COVID-19 testing is currently available through doctor’s offices, hospitals, local public health organizations, and private labs. Only trained individuals can process and diagnose with the tests; there is no home test available.

Safeter has recently partnered with Ambry Genetics to provide COVID-19 diagnostic test kits for businesses. This is the first partnership of its kind.

Benefits of COVID-19 testing.

How COVID-19 testing affects your reopening safety plan
We know you want to safely reopen your business, and the last thing you want is to have to shut down again because of a COVID-19 outbreak. While much is still uncertain about this virus, we know for sure that close contact with infected persons and their droplets from talking, speaking, or coughing can mean a high likelihood of spread. We also know that not all people show symptoms and that the virus acts very differently in different people.

Using Safeter’s tools to implement random testing and testing for employees showing symptoms will help to ensure a safe working environment. These tests are essential, particularly for people who think they might have been exposed. Testing that is done randomly also helps to identify individuals that have the virus but are not experiencing symptoms. Even if they feel perfectly healthy, they can still infect others.

Getting tests and implementing testing in the workplace
Random testing is now very popular with schools and sports teams, which are now open. Having access to testing for teams and students allows for ill individuals to be identified, as well as those who came in contact with them. These tests assist in preventing the worst-case scenarios: Extreme illness by employees and an outbreak that causes a shutdown.

Safeter can provide your business with a package of tools to use in implementing your reopening plan. The testing kits provided will be PCR, or nasal swab diagnostic kits, which have approximately 100% accuracy. Safeter will support insurance billing for employers and employees, which could dramatically reduce the typical $10-$150 cost of each testing kit. These individual prices may also decrease. The results of the testing available through Safeter are available in 24-48 hours and are compliant with HIPAA, GDP, CCPA, and GDPR privacy laws.

There are many elements to reopening your business safely. Testing is an absolutely crucial one. Fortunately, Safeter is here to make sure you can implement affordable testing solutions for your employees so that your office can successfully and safely get back to business!