Reopening Resources

As companies plan to reopen and get some or all of their employees back to work, planning and communication plays a vital role in reassuring employees that it is safe to return to work.

Health Check

  • Symptom Check

    Why symptom check is critical for reopening the office?

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  • Importance of Testing

    Why testing is important to remain open?

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  • Mental Heath

    How to manage the employee mental health during pandemic?

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  • Vaccination

    Importance of vaccination for large scale reopening of the office

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Employee Scheduling

  • Reopening The Office

    How staggered reopening improves the safety at the work place?

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  • Space Management

    Why space management will be critical post the pandemic?

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  • Hoteling Best Practices

    Best practices for hoteling office seating.

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  • Contact Tracing

    Importance of contact tracing to remain open.

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Visitor Management

  • Visitor Management

    How to manage visitors during pandemic?

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  • Front Desk

    Common front desk solutions

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  • Contact tracing

    Importance of visitor contact tracing

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Everything you need to reopen your workplace


Reopen Playbook

Sick leave - Things to Consider

Planning for Remote Working

Financial Planning During COVID

Steps you can take for a safe reopening:

Health Questionnaire Administration

Some organizations are requiring employees to fill out a daily questionnaire about their general health and symptoms before they arrive at the office.

Temperature Measurement

Some organizations are installing thermal scanners and in few cases they are performing manual temperature checks using thermometers. And in few cases companies have provided thermometers to employees for safety measures.

Government Led Contact Tracing

Many countries like the USA, Germany, Singapore, India, China, etc. have released national level contact tracing apps. Though the information that companies receive is limited, it is still an available approach at an individual level.

Make informed decisions

Utilize our free repository of information, articles, checklists, and training material to make decisions and educate employees on reopening plans and strategy.

Antibody Testing

Some organizations are facilitating antibody test for employees as a precautionary measure. This is in early stages and whether antibody provides immunity is not yet proven.

Medical History

Some organizations are adopting extra precautionary measures to safeguard employees with pre-existing conditions who seem to be more sensitive to the virus.

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