No-Code or Integration Required

All you need to do is upload your employee list. Launch in minutes, not days.

We Send Surveys

Health screen employees per your schedule

We Help Schedule

Assist symptom-free employees to book office spots

We Report

Alerts and metrics to make informed decisions

Online health check

Takes less than 1 minute


Alert employees


Employees complete a simple set of questions


Instantly provide a decision

Resources and Toolkits

Take informed decisions

Repository of reopening related information, articles, checklists, and training material.

Workforce Scheduling

Reduce exposure within office space

Provide slots to visit the workplace in person, for employees with no COVID-19 symptoms. This helps businesses to contain exposure and avoid overcrowding.

Most companies are planning to permit
of staff to be in person

Prioritize who gets to sign-up
limited seats
for a particular day


Stay open safely and remain open

In order to control and mitigate COVID-19, a large share of the population needs to be immune to the virus. One of the ways to achieve this is through vaccination.

Reports and Analytics

Monitor organization overall health at a Glance

Make informed decisions to keep your workplace safe and open, with easy to use reports and dashboards.