For a cup of coffee, keep employees safe and your workplace open.

Starter (Free Forever) Professional (30-day free trial)
Price $0 US$5 per Person Attending
the Office per Month
Example If you have 500 employees,
it's totally free
If you have 500 employees,
but only 100 are coming to the office,
you pay 100 x $5 = $500 per month
Access Type Mobile App + Web App Mobile App + Web App
Symptom Check
  Standard Health Check
  Visitor Health Check
Contact Tracing
  Social Distancing Alarm (Coming soon)
Scheduling Employees
  Individual Scheduling
  Cohort Scheduling
  Office Arrival Rules
  Priority User
Testing Management
  Employee Testing
  Saliva Test Kit Mailed (Coming soon)
Resources (Reopen material, Checklist, etc.)
Reporting and Analytics
  Aggregate Level Report including Individual Reporting
  Report By Office Location or Department
  Reporting History 5 days 30 days
Data Access and Privacy Control
  Number of Admins (Full Access) Unlimited Unlimited
*Active user: An employee that uses the app more than once per month. Employees with just 1 app activity (e.g. just one survey or schedule per month) will not be charged.