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Navigating Workplace Return: Easier With Safeter

As the daunting realities of the Covid-19 pandemic have subsided in the United States, the sense of normality seems to be returning. With indoor dining resuming, sporting events seeing fans in the stands again, and mask mandates across the country being lifted, many people are beginning to feel a sense of normality once again. In spite of these seemingly positive indicators, United States businesses are still unsure with a core question that remains pivotal for any efforts to achieve normalcy: what can be done to encourage employees to receive their Covid-19 vaccinations? Answering this question remains essential for any hopes of regaining the life many are used to, as businesses attempt to reestablish the work environments that existed before the pandemic. If you are unsure of whether to return back to work or continue to work remotely, below are how some companies have handled the situation.

            Companies such as JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley, two major banks, have taken quite similar avenues when navigating this issue. With Morgan Stanley, they’ve been quite open about the fact that if employees don’t receive the covid vaccine, they will be banned from entering the companies offices in New York and Westchester. CEO James Gorman echoed this when stating “If you can go into a restaurant in New York City, you can come into the office”. JPMorgan has embarked on a similar road, where they will be requiring employees to log their vaccination status onto a portal. Both companies will be taking the strict, hand on measures that monitor and encourage vaccinations holistically.

With companies such as Target and Kroger however, an antithetical approach was taken, as with these retail superpowers, they’ve decided to engage in practices of enticement, where cash prizes, paid vacations, and increases in time off are being used in order to entice employees to receive their vaccinations.

            While there are multiple ways to handle this central question, there are other solutions that can help! Safeter is a simple, easy-to-use app designed to keep workplaces safe and covid free. Within the app are four critical components: health check, scheduling, visitor management, and testing. The health check element of the app is imperative when thinking about reopening, as stated by leading health expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, when he said, “The time spent asking a couple of simple questions is probably more effective than just taking temperatures”. What makes the apps services especially both effective and compelling is that it can be rolled out company-wide in as short as thirty minutes! The app’s ability to be both seamless and effective makes it one that all employers ought to weigh heavily when considering returning to the workspace.

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