Workplace Management Made Easy For HR

Hybrid Workplace

Manage in-person and remote employees, contractors, and visitors – all in one place.

We help organizations stagger employees’ return to work and reduce overcrowding. Easy desk reservation process. conference room booking, resource management, and help employees collaborate.

Know who’s in the office and where they are seated using live dashboards and reports.

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Desk Reservation

  • Desk booking – Hybrid desks or Assigned seats
  • Employees can reserve desks, conference rooms, parking spots, and more
  • Simply assign the number of open spots by day and for each office location
  • Employees pick a desk or books a conference room
  • Real-time data on capacity, status, and usage

Conference Room Scheduling

  • Conference room scheduling for the hybrid office
  • Define shifts to reserve a conference room or huddle rooms
  • Real-time updates: Available rooms and hours are updated as rooms are reserved 
  • Provide room descriptions along with images to help optimize room selection
  • Make live changes: Block room(s) for key events and reopen after the office event

Visitor Management

  • Welcoming guests into your organization is a critical component of a hybrid workplace
  • Make every employee and visitor feel safe and protected 
  • Allow visitors to check in, sign disclosures, share health/vaccination status
  • Pre-register to save time or register them in the lobby
  • Live report to track health status, check-in, and monitor

Employee In-Person Schedule

  • Open up office spots for future reservations
  • Allow employees to plan their office visit
  • Know who’s in the office and on what dates
  • Employees can either select weekdays or dates they would be at work
  • Live reports for tracking office attendance and manage capacity

Employee Health Management

  • Track company-wide vaccination, and Update Reopen Plans
  • Employees update their health status or take symptom check 
  • They can report on COVID-19 or Flu vaccination
  • Report date of first or second or booster dose
  • Upload documents related to vaccination or health status (Optional)


  • Make informed decisions to keep your workplace safe and open, with easy to use reports and dashboards
  • Know who was at office, when, and who else was also at office on the same day
  • Quickly check if the open slots are over or under utilized
  • Minimize over booking by setting thresholds