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How it’s Getting Difficult to Live around Covid-19 Variants

The Covid-19 virus is mutating, but that’s not news because viruses mutate every day. Even SARS-CoV-2 has been mutating ever since the first case was officially announced in Wuhan, China. The real problem here is that the virus is mutating, and producing new Covid-19 variants along the way.

So far, there are three known variants across three totally different locations in the world, that is; the UK, Brazil and South Africa. While there’s not much information on their origin, what we do know is that these variants are making Covid-19 more transmissible. 

How it is Getting Harder to Live around Different Covid-19 Variants

Here is how these variants are making life harder:

There’s More Covid-19 Paranoia Than Before

The new Covid-19 variants are making life difficult for both experts and average people alike by increasing worry and paranoia about Covid-19. Why? According to research so far, the new strains of Covid-19 seem to be making the condition more transmissible

For instance, a survey by WHO shows that the number of daily Covid-19 cases in the UK increased to over 50,000 ever since the new variant was announced. 

Also, there are no clear-cut statistics on how widely these new variants may have spread. A

Although the South African variant was reported in Dec 18th, there are a few cases caused by it already reported in the U.S. As a result, people are worried now more than ever about getting the virus because it’s more transmissible. 

There’s a Probability the Vaccine Might Not Be Effective 

The new variants are causing people to question the efficiency of the current Covid-19 vaccines. The three vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, and Oxford, are designed to train the immune system to attack the spike proteins. 

However if these spike proteins are mutating, then the vaccines might not achieve the intended goal. Unfortunately, vaccine makers are already confirming these fears. In a statement released recently, Moderna said that although its vaccine will work against the South African variant, it may not be efficient against the other variants. Pfizer on the other hand said their vaccine will only be slightly effective against the South African variant. 

This in turn makes people worry and find it difficult to go about daily activities because they never know where or when they may get infected. Routine activities that were previously perceived safe such as going to the grocery store are taken with caution because there’s now a higher chance of being infected while going about these activities.  In other words, people are worried about a potential pandemic, which in turn affects the transition to normalcy because they’re still reluctant about reopening. 

Stay Safe, Reopen Safely

As of now, it’s too early to say what the future holds. We’re yet to live the impact of the new Covid-19 variants. They may turn out to be more severe than the original Covid-19 variant, or they may not. That said, the best thing to do is to proceed with caution. If you plan on reopening, ensure you implement Covid-19 safety measures at the workplace, and follow a carefully curated reopening checklist from Safeter.

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