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Here’s What to Expect in Terms of Getting Back to Normal

No social interactions, no travel, and no work; a summary of what life has been like in 2020, and a brief description of why we all want things to regain normalcy so bad. Now that the Covid-19 vaccine has been found and is already being rolled out, almost everyone is back to longing for life pre-pandemic. If you are too, this article will look at what you should expect in terms of getting back to normal

Normal Will Take a While

About 40 million Covid-19 vaccines from pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna are already being rolled out. This is good news, but it doesn’t mean things will instantly go back to what we were used to before the pandemic. Here’s why: 

The Vaccine Will Take a While to Circulate

As mentioned, only 40 million Covid-19 vaccines are set to be rolled out this month. These vaccines, according to Pfizer and Moderna, will only be enough for 22 million people. Although the vaccine production is set to increase to 150 million doses in January, all the work involved in distributing it to mass populations, from development to logistics, means it might be a while before we attain herd immunity. Plus, even if you were to be vaccinated today, it’ll take another month for the vaccine to take full effect.  That means life in 2021, especially during the first half, will look pretty much the same as it is now. That is, social distancing and Covid-19 measures will still be a thing. So, brace yourself. 

Covid-19 Infection Rates Might Increase 

Even though we now have a vaccine, this is the first time it’s being used, hence it’s too early to dub it the Covid-19 panacea. Why? Well, vaccines work differently. For instance, vaccines for prior pandemics like measles were quite successful and will continue to benefit many generations in the future. However, others like the influenza vaccine are only effective for a while and are referred to as seasonal vaccines. 

That said, we don’t know yet where Covid-19 vaccines fall. We don’t even know if they’ll work. As of writing, not even everyone in the first group of Covid-19 recipients has received their shot. Keep in mind that even if the vaccine is effective, it doesn’t prevent transmission. 

Unfortunately, ever since Pfizer and Moderna vaccines’ approval, people across the country are no longer taking Covid-19 measures seriously. This creates the possibility of a second Covid-19 outbreak this winter, which, unfortunately, will only slow down our journey to normalcy. 

Take Responsibility for Your Health and that of Your Loved Ones

We can all agree on one thing: the approval of Covid-19 vaccines was a much-needed relief. Although it has the potential to turn things around, it’s not a magic pill we can swallow and say goodbye to Covid-19 forever. The virus is still very much with us, and even if you get your shot, you can still transmit it to your friends and family.

 It is up to you to take responsibility for your health and that of your loved ones. Stay home, and if you must travel, ensure you observe social distancing and other Covid-19 prevention measures.

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