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Essential Safety Tips for Traveling with Family during Covid-19 Pandemic

Despite the skyrocketing rates of Covid-19, an imminent wave of the pandemic, and countless warnings by the CDC, people across the country are ready to hit the trail now more than ever. A survey shows that approximately 130 million people in the U.S. alone will be traveling this holiday season.

If you and your family are among these determined souls, you need to practice utmost caution because your infection risks are higher than ever. Before you pack your bags, check out these tips for traveling with family during the pandemic

How to Stay Safe While Traveling with Family during the Covid-19 Pandemic 

Traveling alone during this pandemic is hard enough; add in kids and your parents, and it becomes even more challenging. Here are some handy tips to help make things a tad easier; 

Consider Covid-19 Rates in Your Area

The last thing you want is to end up in a 14-day quarantine with your entire family because you’re deemed a potential risk to others in your destination due to high infection rates in your area. So, before you get your family on the road, whether you’re going for a vacation or visiting family, review infection rates in your area. If the rates are too high, then you might want to reconsider or change your travel plans, so you remain within the same city but still enjoy that long-awaited vacation. 

Take Tests

Before you hit the road with your family, ensure everyone takes a test. Get tested so you can acquire Covid-19 certificates required in most destinations so you can make your travel process easier. Ensure everyone is up to date with routine vaccinations, and pack plenty of immune-boosting supplements. While in your destination, take regular online health checks to assess if everyone is okay. 

Keep Your Travel Group Small

Traveling in large groups is always fun, but during the pandemic, keep your travel group small. If you had planned to go as one large group, break into smaller groups of four or five as this is more manageable. Should any of you be infected on transit, it’ll be easier to determine who than when you travel as your entire extended family

Take the Beaten Path 

We’d all love to visit the Eiffel tower, Disney World, and other tourists’ destinations, but if you’re traveling with family during the pandemic, it’s safe to stick to the beaten path. You may assume that most touristy areas will be empty due to the novel virus since they’ve reopened recently, and the public is still wary of Covid-19. But the truth is, everyone is thinking the same thing, and that’s how these places end up crowded. 

So, even if these places were your destination of choice this year, choose an off the beaten path destination, and explore it with your family. Besides, such destinations are usually cheaper yet have so much to offer; it’s just that they’ve not been discovered by the public yet. 

Pack Covid-19 Essentials 

Before Covid-19, packing travel essentials meant carrying your clothes, gadgets, and anything else that helps with your comfort as you travel. But now that we’re living in a pandemic, packing for a long or short journey means including Covid-19 essentials. Pack plenty of sanitizers and wipes, masks, and gloves. 

Gloves are particularly critical if you’re going to travel with kids since it’s nearly impossible to stop them from touching surfaces. While educating them helps, their curious and playful nature means they may forget.

Safe Travel this Holiday Season

Traveling with your family during this pandemic can be quite challenging. The tips above are meant to help you ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. Check us out for similar tips, and as you travel, our team at Safeter wishes you nothing but a merry Christmas ahead. 

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