Be prepared for the vaccine mandate, Safeter’s employee vaccination tracker

Vaccination Tracker
Vaccine proof
Vaccine exemption
Vaccination status and validation
Unvaccinated employee's management
Booster shot management

Collect detailed vaccine data from employees or just use an attestation form

Employee vaccine tracker

  • Type of vaccine
  • Date of the first and second dose
  • Proof of vaccine (either an image or a document)
  • Verify the proof of vaccine

Booster Shot Management

  • Employees can update on booster shot
  • Collect data on booster shot mix (J&J + Pfizer, Pfizer + Moderna, etc.)
  • Track who is eligible for a booster shot, who has taken a booster shot

Employee Vaccination Exemption

  • Allow employees to request for exemption/accommodation
  • Tag employees who are not eligible for vaccination due to health or religious reasons
  • Verify the exemption proof
  • Manage vaccine exempted employees by asking for negative COVID test results every 1 or 2 weeks

Unvaccinated Employee's Management

  • Track employees that are not fully vaccinated
  • Manage unvaccinated employee’s
    • Send weekly alerts asking them to get vaccinated
    • Ask them to show proof of negative COVID test in order to be at work in person

Data stored in a secure cloud and access the information from the mobile app or web app

Organizations can track vaccination status

  • OSHA ready compliance reports
  • Easy to access live reports on vaccination and testing
  • Track employee vaccination rate by location and team
  • Know the distribution of employees who are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, who had booster shots, etc.