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Covid-19 Vaccine: What is the Progress and What to Expect Post-Vaccine

Covid-19 has been an issue of global interest since the first-ever case was announced. One of the most commonly discussed topics regarding the virus is the possibility of a Covid-19 vaccine. 

No vaccine has been authorized in the U.S. yet, the government has been working on it, and so far, more than 150 vaccines are in development. If successful, how will the Covid-19 vaccine work? Also, who’s working on it, and what should one expect post-vaccine? Read on to find out. 

How Might the Covid-19 Vaccine Work?

This depends on the type of vaccine in question. So far, the developed vaccines fall under the following categories; 

  • mRNA Vaccines

These are vaccines that contain genetic material from the Covid-19 virus. The vaccines guide our cells on how to replicate a spike protein unique to the virus when administered. After the copy is created, the white blood cells will then destroy the original genetic material. 

Should the recipient be exposed to the virus in the future, a group of defensive white cells known as B-Lymphocytes (responsible for the production of antibodies) and T-lymphocytes (memory cells) will identify and fight it. 

  • Subunit Vaccines 

Unlike mRNA vaccines that introduce the entire virus into the body, subunit vaccines only contain the Corona Virus’s harmless spike proteins. Once introduced to the body, the immune system will recognize the spike proteins as foreign proteins and trigger the production of the defensive white cells mentioned earlier. This way, if you are ever exposed to the virus, these cells will successfully recognize and fight it.  

  • Vector Vaccines 

This type of vaccine contains a chemically weakened version of the Coronavirus. This version is transported to our cells via a viral vector. Since the vector contains Covid-19 genetic materials, it will instruct our cells to replicate Covid-19s spike protein. This will then trigger defensive white cells to remember how to fight the virus in the future.  

Who is Working on the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Although there are over 150 Covid-19 vaccines currently in development, here are some of the bodies that are likely to bring us this vital panacea; 


Pfizer, one of the world’s largest pharma companies in collaboration with German-based biotech, BioNTech, is currently working on an mRNA-based vaccine called BNT162B2. The company launched trials in June, and preliminary results show the vaccine is 90% effective without serious safety concerns. 

Moderna Therapeutics

Moderna is collaborating with the National Institute of Health to bring you an mRNA-based vaccine known as the mRNA- 1273. In its third phase preliminary results, Moderna found the vaccine effective enough to trigger antibodies’ production in most of its candidates. 

Other promising Covid-19 vaccine prospects include; 

  • Novavax
  • Moderna therapeutics
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • University of Oxford
  • Sinopharm 
  • Sinovac

Post Vaccine Activities

So far, Covid-19 vaccines in the making are quite promising. However, just like the SARs virus is still here, Covid-19 is the new normal. The vaccine will help reduce its impact but will continue to circulate. In that light, business owners must continue to uphold social distancing, and other Covid-19 prevention measures post Covid-19. Here are some of the measures they need to maintain;  

  • Proper sanitization resources at the workplace
  • Visitor management
  • Deploy staggered shifts
  • Offer education on Covid-19 to employees

Let Professionals Help

Covid-19 vaccines will go a long way in flattening the curve, but as mentioned, Covid-19 is here to stay. However, by implementing the right measures, your business can continue running seamlessly. Sign up with Safeter today to get started. 

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