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California Electronic Vaccination Tracking System: How To Sign Up For It

Safeter’s consistent effort in assisting employers in creating a safe workspace and having proof of the vaccination has now become more critical than ever since many employers, concerts, and public places require your vaccination status.

California was finally able to launch its Electronic Vaccination verification system. Getting vaccinated unlocks many activities that would have been restricted without it but to get access to all the venues that are limited to vaccinated people, and you will need a vaccination credential. The verification in California is being called as “Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record.” The primary purpose of this system is to digitize the vaccination cards for convenience.

People are avoiding the use of the term “Vaccine passport” as some officials believe that it will be a violation of American citizens’ privacy. According to ABC7 news, the use of vaccine passports is active in New York and Hawaii.

How To Keep Track Of Your Vaccination Status With California’s Electronic Vaccination Verification System?

The signing up process is straightforward and doesn’t consume a great deal of your time by asking you to fill long forms. To sign up, all you need to is register yourself on Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record. Once that is done, there are four things you will have to provide, they are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number

Lastly, you will be asked to set up a 4-digit security pin. That’s it. Now you will have access to all the information on your CDC card but in a digital form; therefore, no more worries about losing your CDC card. Furthermore, after signing up, you will have your QR code which will conveniently provide the proof of your vaccination at venues where it is required.

Issues While Signing Up For Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record

Ever since the vaccination verification system has been introduced, some have successfully signed up while others have been facing a few obstacles. Some of the very common issues are as follow:

  • Not receiving your record through email or text
  • Receiving records that are incorrect or incomplete
  • Not being able to connect with the virtual assistant

California Department of Public health has provided solutions for all these problems; check them out here. They have also provided their Hotline if you want to solve your problem quickly.

Now that California’s electronic vaccination verification system is launched, there has been a lot less mess, and people have their vaccination status in their pockets all the time. Even though it wasn’t necessary to establish such a system, deep down, everyone was in dire need of it.

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