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Top 3 Benefits of Visitor Management in a Post-COVID Workplace

Although the economy is slowly reopening, Covid-19 concerns loom large. The novel virus seems to have spurred a new norm because businesses worldwide are going remote while those reopening their brick and mortar stores deploy strict masks-on always and social distancing policies. 

While this is a step in the right direction, it’s not enough. Now more than ever, businesses need to maintain safe work premise occupancy by tracking who comes and goes. The only efficient way to achieve this is through a visitor management system. Read on to see what a visitor management system is and the perks of deploying one. 

What is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system refers to a solution implemented to manage the arrival, presence, and departure of non-staff guests at a workplace premise. Non-staff guests might be anyone from clients and prospects, suppliers, job seekers, delivery personnel, to employee’s friends and family. This system facilitates remote scheduling and screening of visitors, permits, and prevents access to particular areas, stores visitor information, and even tracks the guest’s arrival and departure at a work premise. 

Benefits of a Visitor Management System

Deploying an efficient visitor management system enables you to; 

  1. Determine Risks 

A visitor management system doesn’t just help you keep track of who came and who left your premises; it also helps you determine the risks presented by each visitor who comes by. This is because you can customize the online visitor scheduling process to include some questions that give you insight on whether the guest might have been exposed to Covid-19. For instance, with an efficient visitor management software like Safeter, you can customize the check-in process to include screening questions like;

  • Have you traveled within the last 30 days? If so, where?
  • Are you displaying any Covid-19 symptoms?
  • Have you or anyone you know been diagnosed with Covid-19?

2. Build Non-Invasive Traceability 

Although it may be protocol, those who visit your workplace don’t like being asked where they are going or who they are going to see. Implement a visitor management system so those who plan to come to your premises can schedule their visits remotely, allowing you to perform contact tracing in a non-invasive way. Why? Well, you can set your system to assign potential visitors badges that show exactly where they’ll be going when they visit. This creates a win-win situation because, on the one hand, it facilitates a seamless visitor experience as guests will no longer have to answer invasive questions at the entrance.  

On the other hand, it allows you to trace your guests’ movements and interactions within your work premise. This is incredibly beneficial in a Covid-19 world because should a visitor alert you of a Covid-19 infection a few days after they leave your premise, you can use their data to trace who exactly they interacted with, consequently reducing the risks of spreading infection in your facility. 

3. Reduce Areas of Contact

Coronavirus is mainly transmitted through human to human contact. Having your visitors stop by the front desk to check-in with the reception puts them and your staff at risk. Having the visitor roam around your work premises, trying to figure out the office they need to go to, also increases infection risk. On the other hand, when you implement a VMS, they get to schedule their visit days before, so the check-in process is automatic and contactless. 

Implement Visitor Management Systems Today

The benefits of a VMS run a wide gamut. The above represent just a few. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how it works, the benefits, and how to implement this system into your workplace. 

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