Update for Schools and Colleges: Now use Safeter for health and temp checks, visitor management, scheduling, and testing
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The Future of Work is here! With people coming to the office less, you can save 30-40% on real estate and optimize your footprint
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What Safeter Does

Our mission is to make reopening and staying open safe and easy for employers and employees around the world. 

Health Check

Survey to assess an employee’s or visitor's ability to be on location or at customer sites


Guide employees when, and how to get tested for COVID-19 related symptoms

Stay informed

Stay informed about local conditions

Return to work safely

Employee Scheduling

Tools to stagger employees' return to work and reduce overcrowding

Resources and Toolkit

Training material, checklists and templates to reopen offices safely

Privacy & Compliance

Safely and securely access reports to take informed decisions

Client Spotlight

"We never thought reopening would be so complex – it involves redesigning our offices, procuring supplies, health tools, etc. Safeter solutions are helping make sure our employees are safe."
Nick Mehta
CEO, Gainsight
                   "Doing a health check and scheduling a limited number of folks in the office makes me feel good about returning to work."  
Jason Shugars
Head of Global Partnerships, Blueshift

How Safeter Works

Safeter is a comprehensive platform to help employers and employees communicate, collect necessary health data, and manage the process of reopening and staying open for business.

Health Check

  • Takes less than a minute to complete
  • Mobile app survey that follows CDC/WHO guidelines
  • Securely assess an employee’s ability to return to work
  • Healthy employees are approved to visit work or customers in person
  • Provide guidance and next steps for employees with symptoms


  • Tools to stagger employees’ return to work
  • Limit how many employees return to a work location on a given day
  • Scheduling Types:
    • Employees can book a time slot
    • Schedule a Cohort/Group for a particular day of the week
    • Priority employees with reserved spots 


  • Connect to testing centers to ensure your population is healthy
  • Employees with symptoms can order tests


  • Take informed decisions to keep your locations safe and open, with easy-to-use reports and dashboards
  • Live reports to assess company wide adoption, usage and employee health status 
  • Sends live alerts to HR and Safety teams on any new incidences of COVID-19